Room 7

Lorenzo Ongaro

Lorenzo Ongaro (1990 – ?) is an Italian freelance storyteller and screenwriter based in Rome. After studying filmmaking in Rome at Sentieri Selvaggi Film School, he moved to Turin in order to attend a two year master in Transmedia Storytelling at Scuola Holden. Co-writer of Titano, a road movie comedy that has been selected for the Creative Europe MEDIA workshop “Film Garage”, the “Film School Village” at the Féstival de Cinéma Européen des Arcs 2016 and was awarded as best feature-length screenplay at the 2017 edition of the “MATTADOR International Screenwriting Award”.

He is one the creators of Ingannamorte & Figli, a black comedy tv series project that won the best screenplay award at the “2019 Carlo Bixio Award”, organized by APT (Associazione Produttori Televisivi), RAI, and Mediaset Group during MIA Award Ceremony in Rome. During the lockdown, he’s reading non-fiction books, watching as many tv series as he can and gaining too much weight.

Anna Skordi

Anna Skordi is a writer with a background in acting and tv production. She’s been in the writers’ teams of popular series for both national and private broadcasters in Cyprus (Cyprus Sketches CYBC, Galateia SIGMA TV) and is the co-creator of the sit-com “Here’s the thing” on CYBC2. (Άκου να δεις, 2018). She also wrote and directed the audio-visual Performance “Flat 102”. Anna is a Midpoint Writers’ Room 2019 alumna and is currently developing her own series intended for the international market.

Vincenzo Cascone

Vincenzo Cascone is an Italian freelance screenwriter and storyteller based in Rome. After a degree in Italian literature at the University of Naples, he graduated in Transmedia & Interactive Storytelling at Scuola Holden, Turin. He co-wrote Titano, an on-the-road comedy awarded in 2017 as best feature-length screenplay at “Mattador International Screenwriting competition”.

He is one of the creators of Ingannamorte & figli, a black comedy tv series project that in 2019 won the best screenplay award at “Carlo Bixio Award” organized by APT, RAI and Mediaset Group. Videogamer and binge watcher. Beer lover, pizza addicted. Especially during the lockdown.