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Andreas Kyriacou

Andreas Kyriacou is a Cyprus-based director/writer with a soft spot for genre storytelling. He studied film at Raindance Institute and has worked with various local producers and broadcasters since 2006. A series pilot based on his short film, The Midnight Shift was developed under the Midpoint TV Launch programme and awarded the HBO Europe Award in Sarajevo Film Festival 2017.

He is currently in development of his first feature documentary, Tracking: the Cyprus Tigers, supported by the Cyprus Cinema Advisory Committee and produced by Tetraktys Films. The project participated in the European Genre Forum during Black Nights Film Festival 2019.

Savvas Christou

Savvas Christou has been experimenting with filmmaking since high school. His lifelong passion led him to move to Los Angeles in 2016 to study Filmmaking at NYFA. Since then he has written and directed 13 short films, 5 of which were awarded in local and international film festivals. One of his latest ones, A Scream That’s Trapped Inside’ (2017) was awarded as the ‘Best Short Film’ in 19 Festivals all around the world.

After completing the festival circuit the short film got its first distribution with Meridian Releasing Group for their MGR Collective “Horror Volume II” and its second with Four Thieves Productions and can be seen in “Hyvio” streaming platform. Over the last year he has been focusing on his debut feature film ‘Katherine’s Lullaby’, a psychological thriller. They are currently in the post-production phase and looking for distribution within the year.

Christina Tryphonos

Christina Tryphonos was born and raised on a Godforsaken spit of land which she desperately wants to escape from. She managed a brief getaway of four years to study applied unemployment and poor life choices in Scotland, after which she returned to her home country to completely lose faith in humanity. She has been working ridiculous hours on spirit crushing projects for several years now. She has had some breaks in regards to creative work, mostly to collaborate on excellent short and feature film projects.

These have been the only reason she has not completely given up and moved to a cave to start a career as a mountain troll. Christina aspires to write and direct compelling character driven stories, while also flirting with a very spacious cave in the Scottish highlands. She believes the Scottish weather will help improve her writing.

Sophie McVeigh

Sophie McVeigh
United Kingdom

Sophie is from the UK and graduated with distinction from the London Film School MA Screenwriting in 2017. She went on to be selected for the inaugural Canneseries Writers’ Residency, where she developed a TV Series alongside Canal+ and the Vivendi Group with writers from film schools across Europe. She has since been signed to Independent Talent as a Screenwriter, worked in a writers’ room in Belgium for Climax Films, written a feature film for Bright Shadow Films and Rickshaw Entertainment (London/LA) and worked alongside the Oscar-winning Screenwriter Gonzalo Maza as a language assistant and translator.

Having previously lived and worked in France and Spain, Sophie also translates screenplays from French and Spanish, and is currently developing a TV series set in Paris.